Timelines is a slot machine game that is based on how the theory of relativity tries to explain how you can go back in time. Take on the challenge of showing that Albert Einstein’s theory of time dilation is truer than before. The newest game from Northern Lights Gaming takes you on an exciting trip through time to win more money

Features Of The Timelines Slot To Enjoy

Features Of The Timelines Slot To Enjoy

The most exciting part of the game is the timeline bonus. When a clock face symbol shows up, it can pull up to 15 more symbols from the small reels onto the main reels. Since there are no wilds that move around in timelines, these symbols are all different but easy to tell apart. Multiplier symbols can also be used to make more money by increasing profits.

Here are the main reasons why you should play Timelines:

Epic Strike

The Epic Strike feature will be activated if a player gets at least three diamond symbols. To get a payout equal to the number of diamond symbols, you must land at least three to ten of them.

Free Spins

Timelines also give you free spins when you bet on the game. If a player gets at least three Wormhole symbols, this bonus will start, and they will get at least 10 free spins. This feature is helpful because as soon as you start the free spins, all of the timeline and multiplier symbols are added to the reels.

Game Design

Game Design

The game is very unique because it is based on the idea of traveling through time. The background is like a big hole that keeps getting bigger as you play. The wormhole is a great way to think about traveling through time, and the more players use it, the more they get into it.

The clock symbol, which also gives you a bonus, looks like an old pocket watch, but it is made of gold. When a player lines up a group of these clocks, they get a lot of rewards, which just adds to how realistic the game is about time travel.

Timelines: How To Win The Most

Bettors only need to follow a few tips and strategies to win big at Betchan Timelines. Everyone who plays the slot machine wins a lot, especially since the maximum win is 9,500x. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to use timelines.

Try Fun Play Mode

Timelines has a fun way to play so that you can bet even more. Because the game is new, there aren’t any tried-and-true strategies yet. The best way to figure out how to win at a game is to play it in “fun play” mode, where you don’t have to bet anything to win.

Make A Budget

Since the game is brand new, there isn’t yet a clear idea of how often it will hit. But you can increase your odds by choosing a good budget that lets you gamble smartly without taking too much risk. Simply put, this means that when you play timelines, you need to raise the bar.

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